Graduate students 

Sean Mahoney, MS

Sean studies geographic variation in plumage & vocalizations as well as behavioral responses to playbacks in willow flycatchers. Funding: T&E, Inc.


Undergraduate students

Christina Anaya

Christina is-an I2S scholar & pre-vet student exploring the relationship between laryngeal anatomy & vocalizations within & among species of mice.

Madeline Bloomquist

In collaboration with Dr. Kiisa Nishikawa’s lab, Madeline is exploring ultrasonic vocalizations produced by mdm (muscular dystrophy with myositis) mice to better understand muscle function.

Former Students & Post-docs

Dana Green, MS

Dana (MS, 2018) quantified the active space of grasshopper mouse calls using auditory brainstem responses & sound propagation experiments. Funded by the Animal Behavior Society

Current position: PhD student, University of Regina

Grace Griffiths, MS

Grace (MS, 2019) studied how social context- both within & among species- influenced call production in grasshopper mice. Funded by the American Society of Mammalogists & the Jerry O. Wolff Award, NAU

Current position: exploring Hawaii

Nathaniel Mull, MS

Than (MS, 2019) studied sex differences in the socio-spatial context of call production in our large indoor mesocosm. Funded by the American Society of Mammalogists; the Jerry O. Wolff Award, NAU; T&E, Inc.

Current position: PhD student, University of Arkansas

Dr. Mahendra Hidau

Mahendra is a pharmacokineticist collaborating with Dr. O’neil Guthrie & our lab on developing therapeutics to prevent & cure noise-induced hearing loss. Funded by the Technology & Research Initiative Fund, State of Arizona


Post-docs- 1 NSF-funded position available. Please contact me about potential collaborations.

Graduate students- We anticipate accepting 1-2 graduate students for the 2020-20201 academic year. Potential applicants- please send a CV & statement of research interests prior to applying. Competitive applicants may be eligible for NAU’s Presidential fellowship program

Undergraduate students- Two positions currently available.